1. Instructor of Record

(LPS 60) Making Modern Science, UC Irvine

(Phil 101) The Meaning of Life, CSU Long Beach

(Phil 105) Critical Thinking, CSU Fullerton

(Phil 312) Business/Professional Ethics, CSU Fullerton

(Phil 313) Environmental Ethics, CSU Long Beach

(Phil 370) Rationality and Decisions, CSU Long Beach

2. Teaching Assistant

(LPS 29) Critical Thinking, UC Irvine

(LPS 40) Scientific Inquiry, UC Irvine

(LPS 60) Making Modern Science, UC Irvine

(Phil 1510) Knowledge and Reality, CSU Los Angeles

(Phil 2200) Contemporary Moral Issues, CSU Los Angeles

(Psych 7A) Intro to Psychology, UC Irvine

(Socio 31) Self-Identity and Society, UC Irvine

(Soc Sci H1E) Honors: Critical Issues, UC Irvine

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